Turning Pain to Power

Houston 10K 2018 (My first race!)

Welcome to Running on Hope, my little nook on the ‘net! Life tends to throw a myriad of obstacles at us — our mind goes out of control, our bodies betray us, standards we’ve internalized limit us from reaching our full potential. I’ve experienced all of these.  From my experience with chronic illness (Crohn’s disease), breast cancer, depression, anxiety in addition to simply finding a purpose in my days, I’ve found that leading a healthy life involves the holy trinity of mind, body, and spirit.  On this blog, you will find topics ranging from exercise to spirituality.  

Through Running on Hope, my goal is to encourage, inspire, and occasionally commiserate through our shared peaks and valleys. I’m seeking to lead a balance, healthy life, one where I am not shielded from negative experiences, but where I can own them as an essential part of my story.  This is how I turn my pain into power: by tackling obstacles head-on, equipped with faith, instead of letting my fear of these obstacles overwhelm me.

 We all have a story that only grows longer, richer, and more interesting the further we travel on this journey of life.  I will share my story as well as those of others as away to spark hope in what might otherwise be a dreary day in your beautiful story.  

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With love,

Kendra Hope