Easter Recap and Monday Motivation

They don’t just happen, you gotta make ’em.

Welcome to a new week! It’s a short one for me as I’m at home with the kiddos this Monday morning. They are engrossed in a mound of Legos at the moment, so I’ve got a moment to touch the blog before we start the day.

A Unique Egg Hunt

The weather was beautifully sunny with a perfectly timed breeze, which made our time with family and egg hunting that much sweeter. I was not up to the task of hiding eggs in our yard on Easter, so my husband gladly and expertly picked up the slack there. I loved his idea. He took the pieces from a Lego set and put them in all the eggs. We put the empty box with my son’s Easter basket. When he discovered that it was empty, I consoled him and told him we’d promptly return it to the store later that day. After church, we put the kids on the hunt for eggs. While opening the eggs, my son quickly realized that the loose Legos were for his Lego set! It was a cute idea that we pulled off pretty well!

Focus on Food

I’ve been struggling with a Crohn’s flare-up for over a month now and the meds don’t seem to be doing the trick. I’ve done this before and I’ve started it again to try to get this flare-up to stop. By adding a low-inflammatory food diet to my medicine regime, I’m hoping to calm the flare. Whole foods and low sugar are the key for me, typically. I cut out coffee (silently sobbing) a week ago and switched to green tea. I like to write down what I eat while I track my symptoms. This way I can see if it’s actually working and what works. It’s a bit tedious, but it helps. I haven’t been able to run much because of this flare-up, so I’m ready to get past it! I know that if I don’t actively work to make changes, then nothing will ever change. So, here we go. Wish me luck!